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Dharma Yoga Therapy

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Our bodies and minds participate in life’s challenges together. Yet this deep connection between the body and the mind is often overlooked during the healing process. Our unresolved emotional experiences are stored in the body as tension or in the unconscious mind as coping strategies, and we can become constricted in the ways that we move as well as in the
ways we think.


Within the safety of a Dharma Yoga Therapy session, your meditative state will first be heightened and then led by a highly trained practitioner. Awareness of the interplay between your body, your beliefs and your emotions are then allowed to surface for recognition and integration. While guiding your inner experience through client-centered dialogue, practitioners highlight the body’s communication through slow Thai Yoga Massage, Yin Yoga, and gentle stretches.


Dharma Yoga Therapy is personal growth work and therefore steers clear of analysis and diagnosis of traditional talk therapy. The sessions are always private, one-on-one, and highly confidential. Through them, we become more deep and honest about where we’ve been, who we are now, and who we’d like to become. Through awakening to ourselves, we move beyond the need for reactivity and pretense. We become authentically whole.


Dharma Yoga Therapy


DYT is beneficial in a wide variety of situations including relationship issues, chronic illness or pain, substance abuse recovery, healing from past abuse, depression, trauma, and anxiety. DYT is for everyone, regardless of your body-type, level of yoga experience, physical condition or spiritual beliefs.